Maximum number of accepted papers per author / co-author is TWO.

A paper will be published online with open-access in MATEC Web of Conferences, ONLY if it is presented within the online event.



For uploading the abstract please follow the procedure:

 Create/Open an account at EasyChair platform:

 The Abstract presents the essence of the paper and should not exceed 200 words. It briefly summaries the background, aim or purpose of research, method used, results/findings and conclusions of the paper.

For every new submission, you will have to fill in the data concerning the authors, title, abstract, keywords and topic of your paper, and the type of registration. If your paper is going to be presented by another author who is not part of the list of authors, please fill in the name, surname and e-mail address of the presenter. After making sure that these data are correct you have to press the Submit Button. No files shall be uploaded at this stage. This step represents the Short Abstract submission phase and shall be performed by the deadline of June 1st 2021. You will receive a notification on the acceptance/rejection of your Abstract by June 15th 2021.



If the Abstract is accepted, authors are required to draw up the Full Paper in strict compliance with the SESAM 2021 Paper Template. The Full Paper in DOCX must be uploaded in the “Full Paper in DOCX” section by the deadline of July 15th, 2021.



Your uploaded Full Paper will be subject to reviewing and the authors will be notified by September 6th 2021 on the ACCEPTANCE without changes / with changes or on the REJECTION of the paper (if an unacceptable level of plagiarism level is detected or in case of major lack of scientific quality

In compliance with the remarks of the reviewers received, authors will or will have not to revise the paper. If a revised version is required, authors are kindly asked to perform all changes required and to upload a revised version of document in the “Revised Paper in DOCX” section of their submission, by September 15th 2021.

Also, authors will have to transform the Revised Paper DOCX into a PDF document whose quality has to be checked at: so that to make sure that all fonts are embedded and that the quality of images is at least 150 dpi. The newly created Revised Paper in PDF document has to be uploaded in the corresponding “Revised Paper in PDF” section. The PDF Analyser Report for the Revised Paper in PDF has to be uploaded in the corresponding “PDF Analyser Report” section (PDF or JPG format accepted).


          Please note that even if after the review process you are informed that your Paper is accepted without changes, you will still have to re-upload the article in the Revised Paper in DOCX section, to transform it into a PDF, to check the PDF document quality as mentioned before and to upload the Revised Paper in PDF and the PDF Analyser Report into the corresponding sections.

          “Revised Paper in DOCX”, “Revised Paper in PDF”, “PDF Analyser Report”, and “Signed Licence Agreement” sections will be made open for the authors’s access gradually, depending on the completed review steps.


For each accepted submission, authors must upload in their Easychair account, by September 15th 2021, all the following documents:

          Revised Paper in DOCX

          Revised Paper in PDF

          PDF Analyser Report (Printscreen of the PDF Analyser Report generated at for the Revised Paper, uploaded as JPG or PDF in the corresponding section)

          Deadline for Signed License Agreement Submission is September 30th (SESAM 2021 License Agreement  signed, scanned and uploaded in PDF or JPG format, in the corresponding section)


Participants who wish to join the SESAM 2021 online event without a paper are kindly asked to fill in and submit the SESAM 2021 Participation Form available at the following address: TO BE DEFINED SOON.